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new Map Browser for Shadow Warrior ready for download!
BME has written another nice tool that makes handling your ShadowWarrior maps very comfortable. You can download it in the "creating maps" section or directly here.

sw.freeminded Version 1.0 is online!
This site is dedicated to the dos game "Shadow Warrior".
Here you can browse through a database that contains user-maps, comment them and as a registered user also rate them. It is possible to upload your own maps letting them be rated or commented by other fans of this great game. There is also a section where you can download tools and stuff that will help you create your own Shadow Warrior maps.

If you are a registered user you can keep track of maps that you already rated and uploaded by yourself. Maps that you rated are coloured differently in the maps database. Your own maps are accessible through your login where you can also edit details on them. Additionally you can activate a newsletter that sends you an email whenever a new map is uploaded.
If you think there is anything missing or if you have problems, feel free to contact the administrator for help.

Now feel free to download, play, comment, upload or rate maps.
So there is only one thing left to say: Who wanted some wang?

the admin aka cortex

latest maps

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