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Creating Maps

The latest tools for making your life easier when handling stuff dealing with shadow warrior.

Map Browser Version 1.0 by BME / ILMHB
This really cool tool allows you to comfortable browse through your maps. You can easily navigate through them, and for example, press the 'p' key to directly play the marked map. The 'e' key starts the build editor with the marked map. But there are even a lot more functions, give it a try! It was written by BME / ILMHB. Version date is 02-2013.

With the list below you can download all you need (editors and faqs) to create and edit maps for shadow warrior.

This is the absolute basic for creating and editing maps for Shadow Warrior.
This pack includes all relevant tools and editors like 'build' for building maps, 'editart' to edit the textures, 'kextract' to extract the game files for editing from the .grp file included with Shadow Warrior and some more. There is also a readme file included to help you getting started.
Just download the file, unzip the included files and copy them into your game directory.

Shadow Warrior Reference Guide
This Word-Document contains the basics on how to operate with the 'build'-editor like key commands, sound reference and listing of the different sector types and commands.
Read this as the first step if you are new to map creating.

Learning the Build Editor
This document contains all the basics of level design like the creation of sectors, splitting and joining sectors, texturing, working with sprites and so on.

Shadow Warrior Design Techniques
This Word-Document is a guide to advanced level design techniques like room-over-room or translucent water. It also contains two example maps.

File Collection
For all who want still some more - this file contains txt-files dealing with different topics about map editing and they work as references as well.

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