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While in the game press the 't' key (or the key you attached to the 'talk' command), enter one of the following code and then press the 'enter' key to get the entered cheat work.
Cheats are also a good help in testing and developing maps. That's the original intent why almost every game has cheat codes implemented.

cheat what it does
swchan turns on god mode
swgreed god mode, gives all keys, items, ammo
swgimme all weapons, ammo, items, keys
swmap shows the entire map when pressing tab key
swghost you can walk through walls
swtrek## warp to level ## (01-04 shareware, 05-... registered)
swstart restarts current map
swquit quits the game
winpachinko you win at the pachinko machine every time
swname change your name in multiplayer mode
swtrix rocket launcher shoots rabbits
swloc shows frame rate, second time shows location
swres changes screen resolution
dumpsounds development - dumps sound listing to a file
sound ### development - plays sound number ###

When you are in god mode only, the J key toggles fly mode. Press A to go up and Z to go down.
Press the J key again to turn off fly mode.

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