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Map Details - "Melee"

Map Name: Melee rating:
Map Type: Single Player, WangBang
Author: Robman |
Date added: 01-22-2014 (based on 1 rating)
Created by: Robman
Finished January 22 2014

Here is a Nintendo flavoured wangbang map for 1-8 players. There is monsters if you play it singleplayer but it's foremost a multiplayer map.

-Over a handful of new sounds and a few new pieces of art.

-Lots of platforms going up and down, some that spin.. a magic carpet, underwater area ...
play in the light or the dark + more build goodies.

All on a magical island while you game it out to some Nintendo beats. READY? MELEE!

-Make sure to have all the files in the same folder you keep the map in.

-Build time + testing - approx: 24hrs solid.

-Difficulty needs to be set on #3 ( who want some wang ) for the monsters to spawn when played in singleplayer.

-Be sure to turn the stereo on :)

-If you mess the music up or don't want to hear it, just jump in and out of the water.

-This map should prove to be a lot of fun, thanks for downloading!

-Best played on a OpenGL port such as SWP or JonoFsw. Looks great with High Resolution pack, although it makes the stereo speakers look funny.

-If you hear Zilla voices, the extra sounds are not working.

-Extra sounds may not work in Sw Dos, Tested working in SWP 4.3.2 however.

-Visit Shadow Warrior Central or 2 URLs same great site.

-Not to be copied or Modified, not affiliated with 3drealms.

Download: Melee
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added on 22.01.2014added on 22.01.2014added on 22.01.2014

BME on 05-21-2014 comment
The floating platform in the sky has some sprite glitches; the plants can be viewed when standing on top of the platform.
Robman on 05-24-2014
They are pretty solid when using the openGL ports. Give Heretic and Shadow a try.. both singleplay.
BME on 06-01-2014
Ah ok it's not made or tested for DOS then, never mind.

Robman on 01-23-2014 comment
-tested, the sounds and music works fine in SW DOS aswell.

Robman on 01-22-2014 comment
file is big thanks to the Nintendo music/sounds in it.

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