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Map Details - "Showdown In Suzhou"

Map Name: Showdown In Suzhou rating:
Map Type: Single Player
Author: MetHy |
Date added: 04-27-2016 (based on 2 ratings)
Description:A brand new Shadow Warrior map in 2016 !

Showdown In Suzhou takes place in a small town built on an artificial lake and around old ruins.

- Works in DOS(box) / SWP / Redux
- Half an hour of gameplay
- Two difficulty settings : Normal and Hard. Skills 0, 1 and 2 are the same, so "Tiny grasshopper", "I have no fear" and "Who Wants some Wang" will give you Normal difficulty. Skill#3 "No Pain No Gain" for Hard.

Enjoy !
Download: Showdown In Suzhou
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added on 27.04.2016added on 27.04.2016added on 27.04.2016added on 27.04.2016

Ninjakitty on 03-11-2017 comment
Definitely one of the best Shadow Warrior user-made maps out there.

sh on 02-16-2017 comment
I see 'MetHy' name - I download the map. Remembering his Duke Nukem contributions, I guarantee the solid well-designed and atmospheric map.
It's quite large with some encounters, plus a puzzle, a bossfight ending, a boat, but... (meh...) not a single bathing girl... (only a shark :))
As for comments... I found this map on so I think most ppl have known it from there, not here.
Lena on 04-24-2017
Well I guess I don't have to spend the weekend finrgiug this one out!

Robman on 01-25-2017 comment
This map has been up here for a long time now and still no comments? It's an excellent map, a must play.. you won't be disappointed. Great job MetHy! 5/5
Bardo on 04-24-2017
Calling them &#;s#08rent2&28221; might work. I’m renting this ATM for a few minutes to make a transaction. I’m renting the debit system in this restaurant to pay my bill. Hmmm. The rents in here are kind of steep.

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